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A series of outdoor benches designed for: Gardens, Public Spaces, Memorials. After the Denver stadium project, I designed a bench as a gift for my mother’s 70th birthday with a leftover slab of the Colorado Yule Marble.  She thanks me often for it and says it will serve as her memorial bench.  This got me to thinking:  why couldn’t a bench be enjoyed in someone’s garden first, then evolve to represent his or her time on earth? Then when my father died, I set out to design a bench in his honor (having rarely seen a memorial bench that I thought was lovely). This series of benches that began as a family project now extends into a reproducible functional art concept appropriate for private arenas and public settings. Stones and sizes may be customized to suit a particular site. (Anti- skateboarding devices available for public areas) Please contact Melissa for further information and pricing.

Bench systems for private and public use:

Bench for Public Space 48”, 60”,
Garden Benches, 36”
Corollary to Bench #1, (Mates)
A system of benches designed for coastlines, picnic areas, etc.






Designs and patterns are owned by the artist, ©Melissa Smedley. 
All rights reserved.
©Melissa Smedley, 2005